Best Food For Arthritis


A number of people have asked me to provide a list of the best food for arthritis. Below you will find all the foods that I eat in an effort to control my arthritis pain. This doesn’t mean that ALL these foods offer anti inflammatory properties. Bone broth for example helps heal your gut, strengthens your nails and hair and the gelatin in it helps to repair damaged joints.

All of these foods and ingredients are essential for people with any form of arthritis and should be part of your regular diet.

I live in the UK so my list is for the UK market but I would imagine that most countries have similar products available.

Best Food For Arthritis

The following foods are ones that I eat that I truly believe improve my arthritis.

smoked mackeral from TescoSmoked Mackerel. I love smoked Mackerel whether it’s hot or cold. I have it for breakfast on its own after my grapefruit!

I also eat a lot of tinned mackerel in Olive oil mixed into those ready made bags of salad you can get from the supermarket.

Another use of Mackerel is to mix it with an avocado, some iceberg lettuce and some lemon or lime juice. Delicious.

And you get loads of the anti inflammatory Omega 3 which is essential for those of us with arthritis.


bone broth
Bone Broth. I make this every week and aim to have a cup of it daily. I use it in my cooking too. It’s perfect for making gravies and adding flavour to soups and casseroles.

I source bones from grass fed animals but this is not essential. I have bought lamb bones and beef marrow bones from Morrisons supermarket recently. Your local butcher should be able to supply them if you ask nicely.


grass fed meat

Grass Fed Meat. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of eating grass fed meat. Non grass fed meat is full of Omega 6 fats which are inflammatory due to the fact the animals have been fed a diet of grains which are loaded with Omega 6. Grass fed meat has lower Omega 6’s but more importantly it has higher levels of Omega 3 which we desperately need.

liver and baconOffal. Or liver, kidney and hearts to you and me. I liked my steak and kidney pies back in the day when I could eat pastry but these days I tend to eat lots of liver. I aim to eat it 3 times a week. It is soooo good for you.

I love liver, bacon and onions with chips, peas and gravy. OK the chips have been dropped and I can substitute them with mashed celeriac. Another option is to make liver and bacon casserole (using your bone broth for stock) which is just great and a good way to eat liver if it’s not your thing.

I’ve also started making my own liver pate which is so easy to make. I tend to use chicken livers but have used pork liver in the past too.

turmeric is the best food for arthritisTurmeric. A wonderful spice that many of us who love our curries are familiar with. It gives food that lovely golden yellow colour and adds a wonderful flavour to curry dishes. But better than that there is a lot of scientific evidence supporting the belief that Turmeric is anti inflammatory. Some studies go as far as to say it has more pain killing ability than Ibuprofen! Source

I’ve read to get the benefits of Turmeric it is best to mix with black pepper. Apparently without the pepper the anti inflammatory benefits are not as powerful. Unfortunately for those of us on the Auto Immune Protocol diet we can’t eat black pepper to we get the best of Turmeric’s power.

I sprinkle Turmeric on my smoked Mackerel in the mornings when I’m grilling it. You can’t taste it and it gives me a nice little boost to my anti inflammatory diet for the day.

Try and incorporate the best food for arthritis into your diet. They will help you to heal your arthritic condition and the transformation for your body will be incredible especially if you drop the processed foods and grains.

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