My Progress

September 2015 – I’ve had a really busy summer and not been able to update as much as I’d like. I started a new job at the beginning of July and moved house a week later. And yes it has been a little stressful. Having said that I’ve remained in pretty good health considering. I had to spend a week away from home in my new job and that meant eating hotel food or restaurant food for a week. I did find myself needing painkillers more than once a day which is a result of not eating the ideal diet.

My previous job was physical and kept me active 6 days a week. My new job is spent sitting for long periods and I’ve noticed increased stiffness in my joints if I don’t get up and move about. I’m trying to walk 30 minutes a day because I get no exercise with my new job.

I’ve started to get swelling on my right knee and it’s full of fluid. I’ve experienced this before about 20 years ago and this was the first signs of arthritis I believe. I’ve had the swollen knee for 3 weeks and I’m convinced it’s occurred because of my lack of movement and sitting around in the my new job.

My diet is not as good as it was back at the beginning of the summer. Again this is due to the job but I’m slowly but surely getting back on track. I still avoid grains as much as I can. I still eat the best quality meats I can, still cook in animal fats rather than vegetable oils and still avoid milk.

I tend to have painkillers first thing when I wake up and then I’m fine all day but ideally I’d like to get back to not having any at all.

I’m still steroid free, 9 months and counting.

June – Just over a month now without steroids. June has been fairly good with most days being completely pain free. I have had a couple of bad days though. This was due to eating takeaway food! I ate fish and chips a couple of times in June and the pain increased within 24 hours. I also experienced stiffness and swelling in a couple of fingers.

I also experimented with eating tomatoes. I really miss eating tomatoes! I made a bolognese and added tinned tomatoes and a couple of tablespoons of concentrated tomato paste. Sure it tasted great but I really felt it the following day. I’ve tested it twice now and had the same negative reaction so tomatoes are going to have to stay off my diet for the forseeable future.

28th May 2015. 1 week off steroids. Steroid free for the first time in 8 years. Feel great. Knee Psoriasis has shrunk to half its size. Need to buy new clothes!

21st May 2015. No more steroids. Taken 5 months to slowly wean myself off. Dropped 2 trousers sizes from 38 inch waist to 34 inch.

2nd May 2015, see my cardiologist and weighed. Down to 11.5 stone (75 kg, 160 lb). Haven’t been this slim for 27 years! Blood tests are perfect. Down to 1 mg of steroids.

April 2015, dropped another 1 mg, just 2 mg of steroids a day. Pitted nails have completely healed. Scalp Psoriasis improving too. No improvement in elbow and knew Psoriasis. Still losing weight.

March 2015, dropped another 1 mg, down to 3 mg steroids. No pain, can’t believe how my body has reacted so positively in 2 months.

February 2015, dropped 1 mg steroids. Down to 4 mg. Lost a bit of weight.

January 2015, 100% AIP and no cheating! Feel great, lots of energy, little pain.

January 1st 2015 – Start Auto Immune Protocol (AIP)diet. Taking 5mg Prednislone steroids. Weight 12.5 stone (80 kg, 176 lb).

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