Scientific Study Into Sustainable Intensification Farming

cattle grazing

A very interesting study is taking place at Rothamstead Research, North Wyke facility, Okehampton in Devon. The head of research is Professor Michael Lee who is the recipient this year of the highly prestigious Sir John Hammond Memorial Prize awarded by the British Society of Animal Science.

The study will focus on sustainability of livestock that graze on grass only rather than grain fed and confined to cattle sheds.

Grass Fed Research

cow grazingGrass fed livestock that are free to roam and graze in fields come under a lot of negative press especially from the vegetarian community. They believe that to feed a growing world all of us should move to a plant based diet because eating meat is not sustainable. One of the arguments is that livestock take up too much land for the return of food they will produce compared to the amount of crops that could be grown instead.

Personally I believe that is utter poppycock.
Hopefully this study will put to bed once and for all that grazing livestock in their natural environment is not unsustainable at all.

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