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The Tonight Show on ITV has just ran an interesting piece on saturated fat. I highly recommend that you take 30 minutes to watch it. I’m eating a lot of saturated fat now on my anti arthritis diet and as you know my arthritis is under control and I’m nearly off all my meds.

If you’re my age (late 40’s) you’ll have been brought up to know that saturated fat is bad for you. But new scientific research is going against this advice and not all saturated fat is bad for you and may even be good for you.

The Tonight show ran a small experiment and the results were quite surprising. The showed aired on Thursday 7th May – election day! So I presume they didn’t get many viewers. It’s available on the ITV player for 30 days only.

Please watch it before it expires.

the tonight show

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gedgie - 15th May 2015

I just wanted to update those of you who can’t watch the program that the results were very interesting. There were 5 people taking part and they were all moved on to a high saturated fat diet. It was only for 7 days so the results weren’t going to be that great in a such a short test study.

But what was interesting was that they all lost weight and 3 saw their cholesterol levels improve. Energy levels improved too and all this after just 7 days. I’ve been doing this for 5 months, no wonder I feel so great.

So much for the saturated fat is bad for you brainwashing that we’ve all had to endure for the last 30 years.

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